Why Preemption Is Bad for Local Healthy Eating Policy Movements

Preemption occurs when the state or federal government passes a law or issues agency rules that eliminate or restrict the authority of local governments on a certain issue. When local laws are preempted, they usually have no force or effect. A preemptive state or federal law can invalidate local healthy eating policies that represent years of effort, and are traditionally difficult to repeal.

Local Laws and Local Food – What’s the Difference?

The term “local healthy food policy” can be confusing. Some think about local governments passing laws to support community access to healthy food. Some think about policies that affect food produced and sold near where they live. It can be both, and here are the differences.

Finding Scientific Evidence to Support a Healthy Eating Law or Policy

This document presents publicly available sources that provide scientific reviews relating to laws and policies to promote healthy eating and/or access to healthy food. These reviews may include information on the impacts that these policies may have on health outcomes.

How the Farm Bill Affects Local Food Policies

The farm bill encompasses policies related to hunger, farm support programs, and a variety of other topics relevant to food and agriculture, and impacts local-level policy efforts to promote access to healthy food.