Policy Summary

This policy expressly allows operators of boarding houses to serve shared meals, but expressly prohibits community kitchens in rooming houses. The policy also sets very basic standards for community kitchens, when allowed, to include a certain amount of square feet per residence and one refrigerator per 12 residents, or one refrigerator per community kitchen when each residential unit contains a refrigerator. 

Background Information

State Georgia
Jurisdiction Name Atlanta
Jurisdiction Type City,
Population Size 200,000-800,000
Legal Strategies
  • Requires something, sets standards
  • Prohibits/discourages something
Reach Community-wide
Food System Category Get; Make;

Policy Details

Refers to priority populations?

This policy allows shared meals in boarding houses and establishes basic standards for community kitchens in certain multi-unit housing developments.

Emergency management?
Health-related linkage?

The housing code, which includes this policy, is intended to maintain the minimum requirements necessary for the protection of "health." § 3.

Environmental linkage?

Economic linkage?

Includes findings?

Has a stated intent or purpose?

"The purpose of this Code is to provide for the maintenance of the minimum requirements necessary for the protection of life, limb, health, property, safety and welfare of the general public and the owners and occupants of residential property in the City of Atlanta." § 3.

Includes definitions?

§ 6.

Addresses implementation?

The Police Department is authorized to issue a permit for any rooming house, boarding house, residence hotel, apartment hotel or single room occupancy residence. Operators must also obtain a current business license, although no person or department is named with the responsibility for issuing business licenses. § 26(a).

Enforcement provisions?

Violatiors of provisions in sec. 26 are subject to revocation of their rooming house, boarding house, residence hotel, apartment hotel or single room occupancy residence permit. § 26(b).

Evaluation component?

Requires extra investment?

Code context and ordinance history

This policy is located in Atlanta, Georgia Code of Ordinances, Part III Land Development Code, Appendix E Atlanta Housing Code of 1987, Article II Minimum Standards, Section 26 Rooming Houses, Boarding Houses, Residence Hotels, Single Room Occupancy Residences and Buildings with Special Uses. History: Ord. No. 1991-05, § 1, 1-29-91.


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