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Policy Summary

This law provides regulations for community gardens including requirements for composting, drainage, parking, size, noise, chemical application, structures, etc. It also provides that community gardens are not bona fide agriculture under F.S. § 823.14, Florida Right to Farm Act.

Background Information

State Florida
Jurisdiction Name Bonita Springs
Jurisdiction Type City,
Population Size 50,000-200,000
Legal Strategies
  • Requires something, sets standards
  • Expressly allows something
Reach Community-wide
Food System Category Grow; Distribute;

Policy Details

Refers to priority populations?

See reference to "food deserts." § 4-1435(a).

Health-related goal?

See reference to "healthy food." § 4-1435(a).

Environmental goal?

See this language: "protect and improve the quality of our open space resources; beautify the city with environmentally-appropriate plantings." § 4-1435.

Economic goal?

Includes findings?

Has a stated intent or purpose?

Although not entitled "intent" or "purpose," section 4-1345 (a) provides this language: "To create a network of community gardens throughout the city to provide members of the community a safe place to grow their own food. The city wants to encourage the use of community gardens to increase community food security, decrease/reduce food deserts, and improve access to healthy food; protect and improve the quality of our open space resources; beautify the city with environmentally-appropriate plantings; and strengthen community involvement and build community." § 4-1345 (a).

Includes definitions?

§ 4-1430.

Addresses implementation?

Enforcement provisions?

Evaluation component?

Requires extra investment?

Code context and ordinance history

Section 4-1345 is located in Part III, Land Development Code; Chapter 4, Zoning; Article VI, Supplementary District Regulations; Division 16, Farm Produce Stands, U-Pick Operations, Roadside Stands, Farmer's Markets and Community Gardens. History: Ord. No. 12-13, § 1(4-1717), 8-15-2012.