Policy Summary

In general, this law 1) establishes a Division of Community Nutrition and Food Policy (the Division) within the consolidated city-county's Office of Public Health and Safety and creates the position of administrator of the Division to serve as the principal advisor to the mayor's office on matters related to food insecurity, food access, food procurement and food equity, and to coordinate city-county government and government facility policies, programs and initiatives on matters related to food insecurity, food access, food procurement and food equity;" 2) establishes the Indianapolis Community Food Access Advisory Commission (the Commission) "to evaluate and advance citywide food policy initiatives and provide advice to the city-county council on matters related to food equity and healthy food access;" and 3) recognizes the “Indianapolis Community Food Access Coalition " (the Coalition) as an independent, community-driven body." Among other things, it further specifies that Coalition is to "appoint three members of its executive committee to sit on [the Commission];” specifies that the administrator of the Division shall “serve as the chief liaison between [the Coalition] and the city-county government;" and directs the city-county council to "allocate funding annually, to be appropriated to the office of public health and safety, division of community nutrition and food policy, for the support of the food equity mission and activities of [the Coalition]."

Background Information

State Indiana
Jurisdiction Name Consolidated City of Indianapolis and Marion County
Jurisdiction Type City, County,
Population Size 800,000+
Food System Category Grow; Process; Distribute; Get; Make; Surplus;

Policy Details

Refers to priority populations?

See, e.g., references to "food desert," " food insecurity" and "racial inequity." § 202-761.

Emergency management?
Health-related linkage?

See e.g., this language: "improving equitable access to healthy food in Indianapolis," and "community nutrition." § 202-761.

Environmental linkage?

Economic linkage?

See, e.g., references to "allocate funding," "the food economy," and "community development grants, healthy food financing and other economic development opportunities." §§ 202-763 (e), -767(a)-(b).

Has a stated intent or purpose?

"The division of community nutrition and food policy shall be responsible for addressing racial inequity in the food system, creating an inclusive mechanism to launch and coordinate food policies and programs, reducing food insecurity in Indianapolis, and improving equitable access to healthy food in Indianapolis, with a focus on food desert and low access areas." § 202-761.


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