Los Angeles County, California, Code § 2.52.3400 et seq.(current through Oct. 31, 2017)
Brief Summary
Implements Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone (UAIZ)]Program, which allows landowners in urban areas to receive reduced tax assessments for putting land towards an agricultural use. Any agricultural use that is allowed or conditionally allowed under state or local law can qualify. Lots may be up to 3 acres in size. Law caps cumulative loss in real property tax revenue over the life of the program at three million dollars.
Legal Strategies
Creates an incentive for a change.
Expressly allows something.
Limited scope. Creates an incentive; eligibility for a reduced tax assessment.
Food System Category: Grow
State: California
Jurisdiction Type: County
Jurisdiction Name: Los Angeles
Does the law refer to priority populations in some way?
Does the law refer to or suggest a goal related to improving or protecting health?
Yes. "increase access to healthy food" Sec. 22.52.3410.
Does the law refer to or suggest a goal of fostering improved environmental conditions?
Does the law refer to or suggest a goal related to promoting or supporting the community's economy?
Does the law include findings (including jurisdiction-specific findings), or are there findings in the larger section, title, article, or chapter which the law is part of?
Does the law have a stated intent or purpose, or is there an intent or purpose in the larger section, title, article, or chapter which the law is part of?
Yes. "The purpose of this Los Angeles County Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone ("UAIZ") Program is to implement the UAIZ Act ("Act"), as described in section 51040, et seq., of the California Government Code to promote and foster urban agriculture. The UAIZ Program is designed to increase access to healthy food by providing an incentive for property owners of eligible vacant or unimproved properties within the urban areas of the County ... to utilize these properties for small-scale agricultural uses. The property owners of eligible properties may enter into agreements with the County, or respective cities that elect to participate in the UAIZ Program, to promote urban agriculture enterprises in exchange for reduced property tax assessments ...." Sec. 22.52.3410. See also Sec. 22.04.020 for purpose of the entire Title 22.
Does the law include definitions, or are there definitions in the section, title, article, or chapter which the law is part of?
Yes. Sec. 22.08.010 et seq.
Does the law address implementation in some way?
Yes. Application and approval process for the director. Sec. 22.52.3460.
Are there enforcement provisions that identify specific penalties or consequences for non-compliance?
Yes. Cancellation of Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone (UAIZ) Agreement with County and payment of property tax equal to the cumulative value of the tax benefit received during the duration of the UAIZ agreement. Sec. 22.52.3510.
Does the law include an evaluation component, beyond reporting on activity?
Does the law require an extra or atypical financial or resource investment?
Code context and ordinance history
Title 22 Planning and Zoning, div. 1-Planning and Zoning, ch. 22.52-General Regulations, pt. 31-Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone Program. History: Ord. 2016-0023 § 1, 2016.