Policy Summary

Includes requirements for farmers markets, including that they accept nutritional assistance programs; and requirement that Agriculture Commission conduct annual needs assessments for good locations for new markets without impacting locally owned businesses and emphasis on underserved neighborhoods; creates guidelines for placing markets on recreation and park property.

Background Information

State California
Jurisdiction Name San Francisco
Jurisdiction Type City, County,
Population Size 800,000+
Legal Strategies
  • Expressly allows something
  • Requires something, sets standards
Reach Community-wide
Food System Category Distribute; Get;

Policy Details

Refers to priority populations?

Findings mention that markets provide delivery of produce to consumers without cars or access to supermarkets. Law requires farmers markets to accept coupons, vouchers, EBT, and other forms of payment available from "participants of federal, state or local food assistance programs" including food stamps (SNAP); WIC, Senior nutrition programs, etc. Also requires a needs assessment to promote "access to healthy, local produce by low-income San Franciscans" primarily focusing on locating markets in underserved areas. See Section 1 (Findings); 9A.15(D); section 9A.20

Emergency management?
Health-related linkage?

Findings refer to fresh local produce promoting better nutrition and healthier living, helping with obesity; farmers markets bring people outside to walk and mingle, can contribute to physical and mental health; and provide recreational experiences. Needs assessment section refers to supporting low-income residents' access to healthy, local produce. § 1.

Environmental linkage?

Because refers to local foods. § 1 (findings), § 9A.20.

Economic linkage?

Needs assessment must take into account impact on locally-owned businesses ; refers to SNAP and other nutrition programs; additional markets for regional farmers; access for low-income residents to healthy produce. (§ 9A.15)

Includes findings?

Farmers' Markets bring fresh, locally grown produce directly into the City promoting better nutrition and healthier living at a time when obesity and other ill effects of poor nutrition and lack of exercise plague our community; Farmers' Markets can contribute to the physical and mental well being of individuals and the community. ( § 1).

Has a stated intent or purpose?

Includes definitions?

Addresses implementation?

For the acceptance of federal nutrition programs (§ 9A.15, subd. D); also directs the Agriculture Commissioner to work with the Rec and Park Commission on placing of farmers markets when one is requested on park property (Sec. 9A.3 (b).

Enforcement provisions?

Evaluation component?

Requires extra investment?

Code context and ordinance history

Uncodified ordinance, file no. 061112; amended the San Francisco Park Code by adding Section 7.21, to authorize Farmers' Markets, as certified by the Agricultural Commissioner, to be located on Recreation and Park Commission property; also amended San Francisco Administrative Code Section 9A.3 and 9A.15 to require Farmers' Market vendors to accept forms of payment provided by participants of federal, state or local food assistance programs, and adding Section 9A.20 to require Agriculture Commissioner to conduct a needs assessment of neighborhoods that can support farmers' markets. Did not check for updates because involved multiple code sections.


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