Policy Summary

Requires sugary beverages advertisements to display a warning about their health effects. Exempts ads in magazines and other publications; on TV and other electronic media; on menus; on distributors' trucks; SSB containers, and a few other types of ads.

Background Information

State California
Jurisdiction Name San Francisco
Jurisdiction Type City, County,
Population Size 800,000+
Legal Strategies
  • Requires something, sets standards
Reach Community-wide
Food System Category Distribute; Get;

Policy Details

Refers to priority populations?

Refers to "Low-income families are more likely to be affected by obesity and diabetes;" children enrolled in Head Start; "For adults in San Francisco, approximately 29% of Caucasians, 50% of Latinos, 29% of Asians, and 43% of African Americans consume one or more sodas each day. Of 9th graders in San Francisco, approximately 31% of Caucasians, 48% of Latinos, 31% of Asians, and 58% of African Americans consume one or more sodas each day." Sec. 4201

Emergency management?
Health-related linkage?

"Human consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages (SSBs) is linked to a myriad of serious health problems including, but not limited to: weight gain, obesity, coronary heart disease, diabetes, tooth decay, and other health problems. Scientific evidence shows that underlying these chronic health problems is metabolic syndrome (MetS)." "Among adults, consumption of SSBs is associated with a risk of weight gain and obesity, cardiovascular disease, a significantly higher risk of stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, dental erosion, and the risk of pancreatic cancer." Sec. 4201.

Environmental linkage?

Economic linkage?

"The San Francisco Budget and Legislative Analyst estimates that up to $61.8 million in costs incurred by San Franciscans with obesity and diabetes are attributable to sugary beverage consumption. The total national cost of diabetes in 2007 was $174 billion. " Sec. 4201.

Includes findings?

The findings sections discusses the health risks associated with sugary drink consumption, and provides data about how specific populations (children, adolescents, adults, Hispanics, African Americans, low-income people, are affected by sugary drink consumption, obesity, and related chronic diseases. Sec. 4201.

Has a stated intent or purpose?

To inform the public of the presence of added sugars and thus promote informed consumer choice (prior to purchase) that may result in reduced caloric intake and improved diet and health, thereby reducing illnesses to which SSBs contribute and associated economic burdens. "Posting warnings that beverages are sugar-sweetened will inform the public before purchases, which will help ensure that San Franciscans make a more informed choice about the consumption of drinks that are a primary source of added dietary sugar." Sec. 4201.

Includes definitions?

Sec. 4202.

Addresses implementation?

Director may also issue guidelines pertaining to implementation. Sec 4203(c ).

Enforcement provisions?

"Chapter 100, which is incorporated herein in its entirety, shall govern the amount of fees and the procedures for imposition, enforcement, collection, and administrative review of administrative citations. Administrative Code Chapter 100." Sec. 4204(a).

Evaluation component?

Requires extra investment?

Code context and ordinance history

Part of San Francisco Health Code; Article 42, Sugar-Sweetened Beverages. History: Added by Ord. 100-15, File No. 150245, App. 6/25/2015, Eff. 7/25/2015, Oper. 7/25/2016.


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